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If a dog has recovered from Lyme disease, does he still need to be vaccinated?
Yes. As with most diseases, dogs recovering from Lyme disease do not have long-lasting immunity. They must be boosted every year to assure protection.
If a dog tests positive for Lyme disease but is not exhibiting any clinical signs, should he be vaccinated anyway?
Remember a positive dog is not necessarily a sick dog. And, a positive dog without signs is probably not protected for life. Vaccinating him helps assure he will be protected.
Clients worry that if they find ticks on their dogs, it means the dog has contracted Lyme disease. What should I tell them?
Studies show the timeline for disease transmission from tick to its host isn't immediate. However, the actual time can vary from several hours to a couple of days. The safest practice is to tell clients to do a tick check within a couple of hours after walking or hiking in wildlife areas. And they should always look for signs of the disease. Tick checks are time-consuming and often not effective. The best way to assure disease protection is to recommend a comprehensive tick-borne disease prevention program and vaccination.
My practice is not in an endemic Lyme disease area. However, I'm beginning to see dogs in my hospital that are testing positive for Borrelia burgdorferi infection. Should I start recommending vaccinating for canine Lyme disease to all my dog owners?
Veterinarians should use their best judgment on risk factors indicating the need for vaccination. Establishing a routine testing program will help you identify dogs at risk in your practice area. After a period, the risk of infection in your practice will become more clear and you can determine which dogs should be vaccinated for Lyme disease.
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Lyme disease
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The threat of Lyme disease is probably greater in dogs than in humans
Dogs will often show no signs of Lyme disease


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